Don’t be big, Be Giant

Athos, the father of all GIANTS, has come to prepare you for war !



Get combat ready with these workout essentials, forged in the depths of Athos Labs


Giant like endurance
vein splitting pump
Sustained fat loss





Athos Labs Pre-Workout

Our explosive new pre-workout guaranteed to provide the most intense workout you’ve ever had. Siphoned from the veins of Athos himself the “giants blood” flavor is out of this world. Now featuring yohembine (5g) L-Carnitine (3g) and paradoxine (15). On top of the crazy pump you’ll have, your fat metabolism will be revved up and ready to fuel your workout. what does this mean ? well not only will you be putting on muscle during your recovery phase, but you’ll also be burning fat during and after your workout !


Product Features

– Smooth Flavor

– Explosive Pump

– Complexes

– Clinically Dosed


Meet the Giants

The faces behind the brand

Lucette Resndis

Hello! My name’s Lucette Resendis aka Wonder Woman. I have been apart of the fitness industry for 5+ years and have had multiple sponsorships as well as amazing opportunities to model different fitness products. Success driven, I have worked hard to create my own personal brand as professional and realistic to how the gym life is a steady grind which takes discipline and commitment that I choose to apply in my daily lifestyle.
As both a athlete and fitness model, I am always open to helping others gain knowledge of my passion!

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Brooke Tudor

Hi! My name is Brooke Tudor. I’m so honored to be a part of the Athos Labs team, A company and group of people that I truly believe in! As of about two years ago, I found my stress reliever, therapist, go to place, the gym. I would have never pictured myself working out consistently, and didn’t really understand how people could be so determined. I never thought that fitness would personally change my life, for the better! Last year, I attended my first fitness expo, Europa, and saw one of my best friends, Enzo compete. As we were waiting for his class, I saw numerous girls walking around about to hit the stage feeling good and looking tanned, toned, and confident, and that’s how I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I will continue to set my goals high, regardless of how hard things are or unmotivated I may get, I will always remember “you will never change your life until you change something you do daily. the secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

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Skyler Whitt

Hello, my name is Skyer Whitt and when im not busy wraping guns I like to hit the gym. I first started working out when I was 15. Good thing to because had my back not been strengthened through weight lifting I could have been paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. This really opened my eyes and put me on the path of bodybuilding.  Since my accident I have worked harder and harder each day to make sure my body is in top shape. My ultimate goal is to share my story so that people know theres more to bodybuilding than just “getting huge”, and now thanks to Athos labs I have a platform to do so. 

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